The X-ON program


provides intensive management coaching,

connects you with the right people,

supports your start-up with cash,

and offers further individual services of your specific need.


We will support your entire business development for a period of 6 months.


This ranges from the refinement of your business plan over the setup of your product or service development strategy to the preparation of your market entry and scale-up.


Individual goals and activities will be set at

the beginning of your X-ON time.


Within the 6 month X-ON program, you will receive the following benefits:



A team of at least two will intensively work with you on your business idea.

Sitting in the same room, we will work, discuss and plan together how your company can be raised to the next level - on average 2 days a week.


EUR 30k in CASH

Your start-up will receive EUR 30k in cash.

This money is meant to promote your start-up and

shall cover specific start-up needs.



X-ON offers several additional services provided by the X-ON partner network.

This includes office space, expert mentoring sessions and

individual other consulting services.

You are free to choose what gives you the best additional benefit.


Access to the X-ON NETWORK

X-ON provides a broad network (mentors, investors, funding institutions, customers, suppliers and development partners).

Depending on your focus, your market as well as the development stage of your company, we will screen our network and bring you together with the right people.


In return, X-ON receives up to 15% equity of your start-up.


Once you leave the accelerator, you can still count on our support as X-ON alumni club member. We will be there for you, whenever you need our opinion and help.


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